Set To Learn

17: Poop is Our Sanctification

Episode Summary

Boy, has it been a week. Also, we talk about sin nature!

Episode Notes

Boy, has it been a week. Also, we talk about sin nature!

Yep, they’re still pregnant, and Tanya’s still very sick. And also everyone else in the family got sick. Which made everything worse. Really, this whole part is very gross and depressing.

For follow up, Derek decided it was worth mentioning the coincidental release of all of Steven Universe on iTunes with the release of an STL episode. Also, they learned that, go figure, there’s no discovered differences in function among sperm. Yay science.


Tanya learned how caffeine works,
Derek learned that poop incidents make one very aware at night,
Tanya learned that you need a lot of heat to kill bacteria
Derek throws in something that may or may not be true about germ clouds and shoes
And Derek learned that he’s still a bad person, and that the gospel is sweet. To shorten up the rambling.

And prepare your tomatoes for the main topic (timestamp: 20:39), where Derek and Tanya talk about their perspectives on the sin nature of children. Some resources they talk about:

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That IV lady story is pretty cute, “stick” around for that.